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Rush University Medical Center [Jan. 29th, 2008|05:06 pm]
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[Current Location |Rush University Medical Center]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Atmosphere - Strictly Leakage]

So where did I leave off? Yesterday, I was just waiting for breakfast.

I spent most of my time yesterday watching t.v. and trying to do homework. I think that hospital food isn't so bad. I like it. I especially like that you could set your watch to it, and it has to be healthy, somehow. Anyway, I lap up the food like whoa in hospitals.

So I almost had my first sponge bath. There was this nurse who offered, but she looked like she could be an aunt (which is bad news bears), so I had to compromise to let her wash my back, and convinced her that I was healthy enough to wash myself via the sink behind a curtain (even though there was a shower in the bathroom) while she "fixed my sheets". The staff at Advocate was pretty nice.

Because the hospital is not in my network, I had to wait for transport by ambulance in order to get to one that is covered by insurance. The transport team were like, you could tell were kind of jocks/army guys before. They had me rolling, because they were being themselves. "Yeh, the nurses at Rush are hot! Ask for a sponge bath there." and if there was a looker, one would say in a interesting/pseudo-masking tone, "Vahjayyjayyy". It was hilarious. I knocked out in the ambulance on the way.

The nurses here at rush are certainly younger. My aunt works here though, just not on the same floor. The staff seems more in a hurry, but it's alright. I'm all critiquing different aspects of hospitals now. Here in my room, I don't have a room mate, but the view from the window isn't as nice (you could see the skyline from the other one), the food tray that goes over your bed is fancier, the channels on tv here are not as good (because I can't watch ninja warrior), but the bathroom is bigger, etc etc.

Karl, Sam, and Tiffany tricked me into thinking they weren't coming by texting me all crazy, standing in the hallway of my door. I was gonna be really bummed, but they came in and I was all full of glow. They watched me eat/get more blood taken/get more inhalants/etc etc and then had to go because my mom got off of work at her hospital (which is next to this hospital) and visiting hours were over.

The night went okay. I kept requesting apple juice, I'm pretty sure I took every one on the floor. I can't get used to being woken up every four hours to take medicine that takes a long time to take (my "hookah for asthmatics") so I haven't got much sleep at all.

The wheezing is going down and I'm able to control it now, without IV drugs, or time consuming inhalants. On top of that, I'm orderded not to work or go to school until monday, so okay. I guess I can keep up, thanks to the interweb!

Since I'm being released tonight, I requested a big dinner that I'm waiting for. Sigh, I really had a good experience because I was just so grateful to be cared for, and just be able to relax by myself and whatnot. I'm really thankful for all the people who showed concerned and wished me well. Now, let the healing begin!